Web Apps List: Showcasing the best web apps

Web Apps List: Showcasing the best web apps

HTML5 Games

A challenging casual game that will keep you up at night. Custom user levels add a unique feature.
Nami is lost in space! Help Nami navigate around the asteroids and other obstacles and return home.

Play using a touch screen or use a mouse on your computer. Complete the levels and be a hero! Once you complete the challenges, try creating your own levels and challenge your friends.
Computer, Tablet
Beat maker for any mobile device or desktop computer
DrumPattern is web-based beat maker optimized for mobile devices.
Main features are:
- pattern editor
- tempo adjustment
- time signature adjustment
- metronome click
- downloading pattern to wav-file (for desktop only)

DrumPattern provides the ability to embed sequencer to your own web site via iframe.
Number of iframes per page is limited to 6 (browser limitation).

Computer, Tablet, Mobile