Tutorial Series: SQL Azure, Dreamfactory & Telerik AppBuilder – Data

Tutorial Series: SQL Azure, Dreamfactory & Telerik AppBuilder – Data

Note: This is a Tutorial Series that starts here.

So, in part 2 of our tutorial, let’s set up a database to power our mobile application with.

First, we log into Azure at https://manage.windowsazure.com and create our dataset. Once logged in, click on the New button in the bottom left of the dashboard and choose the database custom create option.


Enter some details for the database. I’m creating a shoutapp database on a new server:


Now, create a shoutuser with your preferred password and let Azure create the database:


Give it a few seconds and then select the new database and click the Manage button on the bottom toolbar. (unsure as to why Azure puts it’s toolbars on the bottom of the screen..).

Say yes to adding the firewall rule, and yes to the question about managing the database now, and a new window should open with your database dashboard. After logging in with your username and password from the previous step, you have something like this:


Click on the Design tab at the bottom left of the dashboard (here we go again with bottom navigation) and design the following table:



I have the following columns: ID (int, primary key, identity), TimeAdded (datetime), ShoutText (nvarchar  255) and DisplayName (nvarchar 50).

At this point, we can leave the Database Dashboard and go back to the main Azure dashboard and click on the Connection Strings link. You will see a list of connection string, copy the PHP connection string as you will need this for the next step in the tutorial.

That’s all folks! This is all the database work we need to do. The table design is the extent of database work and all of our CRUD will happen in future steps.

If you are creating a different schema from what I have here, make sure you create the appropriate foreign keys and indexes for optimal application performance.


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